Chairman’s Corner



Assalaamu-Alaikum/Greetings Members,

The much awaited month of April has arrived!

We look forward to our big event, the Cape Cobras Central Athletics 10km Challenge and Fun Run on Sunday the 9th April, the Two Oceans Ultra and Half Marathons on the 15 th April, our Pasta evening in between these two events (date TBC), and our Awards evening on the 30 th April. It’s been a busy month with planning, intense training and lots of mileage achieved on and off the roads.

The plans and preparation for our race day, the 9th ,is on course. We’ve had to make a further few adjustments to the route, but hopefully all the runners will enjoy what it has to offer. A mixture of a park and road run, giving the runners a look into some of the natural beauty of Newlands and surrounds.

The next few days will be frantic, with all race matters reaching conclusion before Sunday. We still have lots of areas where we require your help, so if you haven’t sent your name to us to volunteer your services, I appeal to you to come forward and be a part of our big day. There will be lots of info sharing sessions from Thursday evening training at Newlands, to after registration on Friday evening at Groote Schuur High.

Here are some volunteer guidelines and important info for race day.

As a volunteer, you are an Ambassador for Central Athletics and should treat runners, officials, guests, and other volunteers with the utmost courtesy and respect.

Take pride in your role. Your prompt arrival and completion of your shift are vital to the success. When you sign up, we depend on your commitment to being part and present for that specific shift during the entire length of that shift. Be prepared to answer many types of questions. Familiarise yourself with the course map and schedule of events. You can find this information via the Race Crew Captains or our website and Facebook page to learn more about our event.

You can sign up for as many shifts and roles as you like but please make sure they don’t overlap!

Until 2 days prior to the race and you request to change/cancel your shift, please be considerate by contacting your Crew Captain directly so we can adjust our roster.

You may not smoke, consume any alcoholic beverages, text/talk on your cell phone unnecessarily during your shift. Please plan on eating before/after your shift.

Your assignment is complete when your Crew Captain releases you. If you are on the course, your assignment is complete when the sweeper team passes and you have cleaned up your area.

Below, you will find answers to your most pressing questions as race day approaches. If you have additional questions, please contact Camillah Adams (082 9383480)/

  • What should I wear? Please wear your Central t-shirt/ long sleeved sweater/ rain jacket. Attire should include clean jeans (no holes), chinos/black pants. Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to stand, walk and run during your shift as the situation requires. Please check the weather on race day and dress accordingly.
  • Where do I park? Please park at the top field of Groote Schuur High School. Race Crew Captains/ Central Exco Members/ WPA race officials to park at the Newlands parking lot where we have our weekly training. We will provide a parking pass for these members.
  • Who do I report to? Please check-in with your Crew Captain who will have a briefing before the race where you will receive further instruction concerning your responsibilities.
  • Can I bring a friend? While we certainly don’t discourage additional helpers, it is important for all of our volunteers to inform their Crew Captain prior to the event.
  • Can I bring my kids? On the course it is critical to have your full attention focused on the race. Children under 12 may not participate as a solo volunteer nor may they be with you during your volunteer shift.
  • What do I do if there is a problem? If at any time during your assignment you have a problem, please notify your Crew Captain immediately. In case of medical emergencies, take note of your location so that you can be exact if you need to make a medical call.


RACE CREW CAPTAIN: Duties include working closely with staff pre-race and on race day, communicating to your assigned group, ensuring all information is  dispersed in a timely manner, ensuring all members of your group show up at their assigned time/location. Strong attention to detail, problem solving and customer service are required.


Volunteers greet runners and collect race fees at pre – race entries, online collection and race day entries. Volunteers must ensure that each runner presents a proof of payment and registration when collecting for online entries. Volunteers need to carefully cross check the name on the entry with the I.D. to reduce the possibility of runners picking up the wrong entry. Volunteers should be ready to answer questions concerning race events and on race day be able to point them in the right direction so that a member of the event staff can assist.


Duties include labelling and organising runners’ tog bags when they drop off at pre-race and retrieving them in a timely manner at the end of the race. The tog bag trailer will be at Newlands Cricket Stadium. No valuable items are to be left in these bags.


Car park attendants will work Groote Schuur High School’s parking area. (Top and Lower Fields) to run the car parks, directing our runners/ guests/ officials to the car parks. This role can require an early start, so make sure you have your alarm packed!


Help runners prepare to start by assisting them to the starting pens. Duties include set up of the start line and assisting runners to their proper place. Keep the emergency lane clear for emergency vehicles, cyclists, and the public. Alert pedestrians and runners entering the race site to approaching vehicles/ bicycles.


Your number one responsibility as a Course Marshal is to ensure the runners have a safe run and ensure that no vehicular traffic (other than official vehicles) enter the course.You will be placed at specific locations on the course that are key for the race. Please keep a watchful eye on traffic and cheer on the runners as they go by. In most circumstances, there will be a Traffic Officer close by at traffic locations. Duties include a proper understanding of the course. Assist in cleaning and breakdown as needed when the last runner passes.


Cyclists ride ahead of the race leaders, making sure vehicles, the public and other cyclists don’t impede the runners on the race course. Some cyclists are assigned to ride with the lead male and female runner while other cyclists may serve as back-of-the-pack cyclists. Maintain course safety for runners, volunteers, race officials. Assist in cleaning and breakdown as needed.


This key role is not just about providing hydration support but moral support and excitement. As runners run the course, they may get fatigued but with your smiling face and cheering attitude, you will revive them! Duties includes setting up the station, handing water sachets to runners as they come by and/ or filling and stacking cups with water/ Coke, restocking cups throughout the course of the morning and finally cleaning and breakdown of the area when the last runner passes.


Be a key player in keeping the excitement and momentum going on course. Wear silly clothes, wear your team colours, make banners and posters with silly sayings. Duties include screaming, cheering, laughing, anything to bring out a smile on our runners faces! Standing for long periods of time is required. Jumping with excitement is encouraged.


Be the first to greet the runners when they finish their journey at PPC Newlands as they cross the finish line. We need your help in the following areas:


Reward the runners by giving them their medal. Duties include handing out medals, ensuring they place their race card in the plastic sleeve and directing them to the race board. We need to make sure everyone can get through so we don’t have a backup of runners waiting to cross the finish line. Keep runners moving efficiently through the chute.


We need volunteers to help tear down the start/finish line area. Duties include taking down signs, moving stalls, cleaning trash from the surrounding area. Ok, so I think we’re ready to make this day special for all our running guests and for our club! Let’s make this a big one! Remember, we’re having our post-race breakfast for members and volunteers, venue TBC, so don’t miss out on some of the experiences of the morning, and good food of course.


For all our Ultra runners, the hard work and high mileage is done, it’s time to take it easy, stay healthy and focussed, and rest your body in preparation for the big day. For our Half Marathon runners, all the same, you’ve done the work, Southern Cross will be a breeze. Stay focused on your goal, whether for time or completion. Get as much enjoyment from race as you can, you never know, it might be the Ultra next. Good luck everyone, we’ve got this! Our pasta evening is on the cards, so look out for club communication within the next week, all details will be provided.

On a different note, as promised, our weekly club training runs will be posted on all social media platforms as well as emailed to members. Youssef will be co-ordinating.

We will publish a race planner showing all races where we will have the club gazebo erected, with a refreshment table.

For now, let’s focus all our energy on Sunday. Let’s show our guests and the running fraternity what Central is all about! Be proud, be there!

In my next communication, I will cover various aspects of the club finances. Planned budgets, race and other, and the submission on the previous year’s financials (15 April).

I will also talk about the co-responsibility of members and the club committee alike, to drive the success of our club.

Until next time…

See you on the road!