Let’s Flamingle with Central Athletics


Central Athletics Club


A Sizzling Summer BBQ

A Celebration of Excellence (Awards 2018)

We’ll do the grilling!

You’ll do the chilling!

On Saturday, December 8th at 18:00 till late as a Spectacular Poolside Cabana,

55 Prieska Street, Sybrand Park, Athlone

Succulent Braai will be served with all the trimmings.

Dress for the Summer Weather!

Come and enjoy an evening of fun around the pool in typical Hawaiian Island Style

(Florals, flip Flops, slacks and shorts)

Fee:R100 per person(Full course meal including drinks)

Kindly RSVP by 27 November 2018 to Zulfah Sulaiman on 0823345502 or Razaan Kamaldien on 0826748480


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